Enjoy A Sensual Erotic Massage At The Hands Of A Muscular Male Masseur

Dear distinguished experience seeker,

As a sophisticated, cultured, educated, and / or affluent person of good taste, you are invited to exquisiteness to remember. Embark on an experience like never before.

Your experience with Thomas will be like an escape to a place away from your daily life.

From the moment you meet, you’ll feel the presence of a professional who delivers delights for discerning individuals.

You are greeted with a friendly smile, firm handshake and genuine conversation to put you at ease.

Thomas Lee - Professional Masseur

Laying down for the massage, and feeling the first touch of Thomas’s hand will give you comfort that you are in a good place. The massage is all about YOU – for you to enjoy.

Sweet aromas and tranquil background music may fill the air and soothe your mind, while high quality lotion coats your body and brings your skin back to life.

The massage – which begins on your back with you facing down is therapeutic, relaxing and solid – blends exquisite sensual touch.

You will feel deep penetrating, firm pressure, and soft soothing strokes – whichever is needed – in an ebb and flow rhythm of a truly personalized massage.

When you become absorbed in this touch, you will also become aware that your masseur is there for you. His hand contact communicates more than words alone. You’ll feel connected and grounded. You’ll feel a level of comfort and trust to allow the restraints and weight of daily life melt away.

Touching key points on your body, your masseur will help you free your energy in a steady flow.

Throughout your massage, your masseur remains as the easy going, down-to-earth well mannered gentleman you met from the start. He will be equally immersed in the delightful massage with you, and you’ll feel this in the growing excitement.

By the time you turn over on your back, your mind and body will be fully aroused.

Special attention is given to every muscle and inch of the front of your body as well.

The frontal massage works down from your neck, shoulder and chest all the way to your legs and in between before becoming erotic. Your skin will be awakened, and your entire body will be excited to no end by now.

Switching to the erotic end, your masseur leads you to stiff explosive relief… over and over in as many ways that is needed — all for you in a safe place… in a judgement free place with the permission for you to enjoy as much as you want to your full satisfaction.

As your breathing and racing heart calms after the massage, a sense of relief will sweep over. You feel like a new person.

This is just one path to how your desires could become flesh. There is no one way for you to reach your higher state or sacred place. Perhaps you wish to be filled with greater joy. That is a possibility with discussion and agreement before the massage begins. Every session is unique… unique to you.

You may be 18 years and over of any shade, culture, occupational background, orientation, and body type. That doesn’t matter since your masseur has the compassion, skill, experience and accepting mind to accommodate you.

Massage experiences can be tailored to your preference if you have something particular in mind. Stretch your imagination if you will for now.

Through tremendous knowledge and experience with the female body and human sexuality, Thomas will deliver the perfect touch for you.

Take your first step and come discover how Thomas’s great aptitude, warm attitude and intuitive awareness sets him apart from all others.


“My session was just perfect. Thomas incorporated my suggestions very well which made this a very customized special experience. It was meaningful to me, which was and is very important to me. I had requested an intelligent and sensational massage experience and that is what Thomas delivered.” Sandra – New York City, NY

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