Articulate and intelligent, you will discover a sensual erotic male masseur who will engage your mind as well as your physical being.

Thomas can relate with you on a day-to-day level, as he’s Canadian born and raised, university educated and highly experienced as a business adviser. He can speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with him smart, stimulating and engaging. You’ll quickly feel that you can¬†express yourself to him in comfort and confidence.

Educated and practised in human sexuality and physiology, he knows the human body well, and can move and handle you like a seasoned pro. Many of his clients come from various places in the U.S. Рand other countries like England, China, and Japan Рto take in his massage experience. He is not judgemental. It does not matter where you are from, or where you are going.

Physically he’s strong, yet balanced in his unimposing body size. Athletic in nature, he keeps a natural physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle he maintains.

He has years of music and dance training, which give him grace, power and finesse in the way the he moves and applies his touch. Through years of martial arts training and competition, he carries a balanced demeanour of dominance and masculinity with humility.

Thomas’s start as a professional masseur goes back his days in Vancouver. Out west, an old colleague introduced him to professional massage work, exclusively catering to affluent out-of-town travellers.


While he is not a registered massage therapist (RMT) today, he received formal massage training many years ago. When combining his knowledge of the human body and sexuality, you will find an extraordinarily relaxing yet sensual erotic massage experience.

Add his pleasant personality, good looks, lean athletic physique and you will conclude that you’ve come across an elite sensual erotic male masseur.

Today, Thomas practices massage in Toronto, Ontario.


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