If you’re a person of class and good taste, have a sense that we are compatible, and are ready to request a session, fill out the following secure form.

Note that just as you are taking a big step in choosing an elite masseur, I’m selective about who I meet.

My time is often accounted for, and I prefer quality over quantity.

With that, pre-booking ahead of time and providing the required information in the following form will expedite the screening process so we can move on to the interesting part of planning our special session.

If you are still uncertain for any reason, I highly recommend that you book a Consultation Over Coffee meeting to meet me in person in a public location – before booking an actual session.

NOTE: PRIVACY, SAFETY AND DISCRETION ARE TOP PRIORITIES, and those qualities are non-negotiable and go hand-in-hand with my level of service. The information you provide will only be read by me for session booking purposes. The information in this form is sent encrypted. All sessions are private and kept confidential between just you and me. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: I am full vaccinated as of June 22 and will resume sessions with fully vaccinated clients from July 7. Be advised that proof of full vaccination is required.

    Sessions currently available in Toronto, ON Canada only

    I can provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

    Massage Sessions For Women Only (no couples)
    60 minutes @ $400
    90 minutes @ $500
    2 hours @ $600

    Couples Massage Sessions For Her
    2 hours @ $800
    3 hours @ $1000

    Sexual Healing/Coaching Sessions For Women & Couples
    2 hours @ $700
    3 hours @ $900

    Consultation Over Coffee Meeting
    30 minutes @ $100
    60 minutes @ $150

    Kink Massage Sessions For Her
    2 hours @ $800
    3 hours @ $1100

    Delightful Date With A Gentleman For Women Only
    3 hours@ $1000
    4 hours @ $1200
    5 hours @ $1400

    * All sessions are to be hosted at your location within the City of Toronto. Deposit required to book a session