Do you have fetishes or kinky desires that you’d like to flesh out?

If so, then come experience an erotic massage taken to a whole new level.

Kink massage will take your mind and body to a delightful space, whether you’re into bondage, discipline, domination / submission, and / or masochistic means.

The erotic play of kink woven in erotic massage and release will take you to new highs – more powerful than drugs.

Take comfort though, Thomas is a trained and seasoned BDSM professional. He will walk you through the experience, and apply best practices for safe, sane consensual fun.

Your massage session may incorporate anything from mild spanking, dirty talk, and bondage, or dildo / strap-on play, all the way to mind bending spicy kink like sounding, electro-stimulation, and hot wax sensation play.

Sessions take place in a dungeon setting.

Sessions are negotiated before your massage starts, and may be scripted or left to your dominant masseur’s imagination.

This massage experiences is suitable for beginners, intermediate and enthusiasts.

The rate for Kink Massage is $500/hr.