Q. I am new to this. What should I expect from the massage experience?

A. You will be in for a delightful and intense new experience then.

My sessions will be uniquely tailored to your situation, but generally there is a set basic flow:

A conversation will take place just before your session begins, to give you comfort and anticipation. You are not judged and I will be with you – guiding and assuring you – along the way.

When you lay down, the actual massage will take you from relaxation to arousal, and back to relaxation, arousal then satisfying release. It will touch you physically and mentally, as awareness of well delivered contact can communicate more than words ever will.

Your level of arousal and excitement will depend on the moment and your level of comfort. Everything is done tastefully with your consent, and you will be made aware beforehand to bring calm and ease.

There is no set script when you start to release energy. I am open minded and non-judgemental. I respond intuitively to address your needs in that moment. This is what truly sets apart an elite masseur – someone who can read every aspects of you in the moment, and responds as needed without hesitation.

You could experience very intense physical release and / or deep emotional release (i.e. through the sexual healing service or pure tantra); or you may just feel explosive erotic excitement. There is no set goal: only a destination of a general mood we aim to achieve. It is an adventurous journey for us to enjoy together.

On more advanced levels, you may discover new facets, dimension, and capabilities in yourself.

If you are so fortunate to reach Kundalani awakening; Amrita release for women (also known as female ejaculation), multiple full body climax, deep emotional release; or just a mind blowing release, you may receive aftercare and follow-up care. This aftercare will help you re-balance the whirlwind of thoughts and feelings you may experience following the experience.

Even if you are simply exploring your sexuality for curiosity, a debrief will take place after your session to help you re-frame your thoughts and feelings about the experience.

If you would like know more about your session or have specific needs, I recommend that you request a Consult Over Coffee Meeting to meet me in person for a conversation first.

Q. Do you take female or couples?

A. Women and couples are welcomed. 

Q. What type of massage do you perform?

A. The massage style is sensual erotic Tantric; however, there are variations depending on the situation, mood, and needs. There is no rule book that says it must be done one way. Some sessions are hot steamy electric and erotic, others are emotionally awakening, sensually soothing or purely sexually relaxing. Kink massage sessions tend to be exciting, arousing and cathartic – but there’s no one right way to do things. The session is about you, and what suits the moment — the style is not prescriptive.

Q. What does my massage include?

A. All massage services are full body and include an intensely satisfying end. This may be a Yoni massage, body to body contact, or something even more engaging. I bring all the supplies.

Q. Are you nude during the massage and is there mutual touch?

A. Yes, if that is preferred. Yes. Mutual touch is allowed.

Q. What do you do the massage on?

A. By default all massages are on-bed with a soft fabric massage sheet. Massage on massage table are available by special request only. On-table massage are an additional $50 to cover transport costs.

Q. Can you turn on my wife / girlfriend with the couple’s massage?

A. Although I am very skilled and experienced as a practitioner, the person receiving the massage must be open to the experience. That said, if your partner is not informed or not fully on board with the idea, there’s nothing I (nor any other provider) can do to help you. Your partner must be informed and in agreement of what he / she is in for, otherwise you will likely end up with a different result than what you hoped for. It is a consent issue if she is not informed or not onboard with the idea.

 Your partner must be open to the experience and receptive for her to release the tension. Having worked with many couples in various situations, I confidently share that the best results come from couples who are in mutual agreement of the goal(s) of the session.

Q. Can you provide a face photo?

A. For privacy and safety reason, face photos are not provided, and must never be a condition for booking an appointment. Rest assured, clients say I am good looking, handsome, and even better looking than my photos. Should you want to see how I look before a scene session, feel free to request a Consult Over Coffee session to meet in person and to share information.

Q. Can you provide a full nude or “dick pic?”

A. Touch By Thomas massage experiences are for sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude or “dick pics” of others may be found on the Internet with a Google search. All that can be said is Thomas is above average and cut beautifully, and you will see when you come.

Q. Where are sessions hosted?

A. Sessions are hosted at your location whether that is your hotel, an AirBnB or residence. Sessions at my location are available on a limited basis for massage for her only.

Q. Are those photos really you?

A. All of the photos are me.

Q. What is your background?

A. I’m Canadian born mixed Asian.

Q. What language are the sessions in?

A. I am fluent in english as that is my first language. Sessions are in english only.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash only.

Q. What do you do to keep my privacy?

A. Privacy and discretion is assured for all my massage experiences. What happens behind closed between me and you remains confidential.

Recording devices are not allowed in the room where your session occurs.

Any chance public encounter outside a massage session will link us back to the fitness training I am known to provide. 

Q. Are you STI tested?

A. I am fully tested regularly throughout the year, and am tested STI negative.

Q. How safe are your massage experiences?

A. Your personally safety is very important. Boundaries are discussed ahead of time, as well as the process of the massage session – before it begins. Safewords and check-in words are used – even in the mildest session – for you to make a change or call a stop if needed. 

For those who want extra assurance, a consult-over-coffee is recommended to meet face-to-face in a public place before booking a session. 

In addition, all massage activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. They are all low risk. All surfaces (including oil / lotion bottles) are disinfected after each session, and used implements are properly sterilized. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that pose a risk of transmittable infections. Hands are properly washed before, during and after each session.

Mental and emotional safety are also taken into account with the massage experiences I provide. With deep and intense experiences, you could feel vulnerable, and steps are taken to help you re-balance afterwards.

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

A. Surfaces are cleaned with Clorox disinfecting wipes, and then with 99% isopropyl alcohol if needed.

Metrex CaviCide (often used in NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories) might also be used as an intermediate-level surface disinfectant.

Insertable instruments (i.e. for kink related sessions) are washed with anti-bacterial soap and sterilized with clinical grade professional healthcare materials or a steam auto-clave. Some implements may be covered with a protective barrier.

Q. What type of oils / lotion do you use for the massage?

A. Hypoallergenic Biotone professional lotions gels or lotions are used. Water based lubricants are used for yoni massage.

Q. Do you party and play?

A. I don’t take recreational drugs, and remain sober to ensure you receive a professionally delivered experience. Occasionally, I might partake in a glass of wine or spirit with a client to relax and to get comfortable before a session begins.

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

A. At least 24 hours advance booking is recommended for the best availability.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. If you must cancel your booked session, you agree to inform me as soon as possible. Your deposit will be returned in full if your cancellation is before 72 hours of the first-time scheduling of a session. Your deposit will be credited towards a future session if you need to cancel after rescheduling a session. If your cancellation is within 72 hours of the session booking, your deposit will also be credited towards a future session you schedule with me.


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