“Last night’s session was exactly what I needed. It may not have been as long as previous sessions, but I feel like it was more intense and really really hot. Amidst the many many orgasms, that one was still the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I had orgasms for 10 minutes straight, and those were intense, but this one was shockingly so. It was physically hot, shooting from my abdomen and shot through my entire body. I hope you had as much fun as I did, it was extremely memorable and incredible experience. You always made me feel so comfortable, even through my nervousness, excitement, and initial shyness. I really appreciate that. Laura – Toronto, ON

Hot Erotic Massage For Individual Women

A full body massage intended for relaxation, sensual pleasure, human touch, erotic release and much more left to your stretch of imagination.

This massage experience allows you to feel the delightful and connective touch Thomas delivers through his expressive and intuitive mind, hands and body. It will fill you with pleasure, and allow you to surrender and feel whole again.

It can go as far as you want in tingling excitement, arousal, and fulfilling release in both mind and body.

And that is only the beginning if you so desire to return to explore further your wonderful potentials as a woman… regardless if you reach high levels of multiple climatic layering, blending, stacking and mind melting experiences or deeper awakenings.

In any case, each session is tailored to your needs, and is unique to you – for YOU. It is all about your satisfaction and rewarding experience. All within your preferences and the safety of respect for your boundaries.

The depth of discovery, playfulness, openness, height of arousal, excitement, energetic channelling and release may vary. There are many ways to reach the peak state you seek… the mood and feeling you desire. Each experience is a masterpiece of sensual erotic and sexual art.

In House

1 Hr @ $300
1.5 Hr @ $450
2 Hr @ $600
3 Hr @ $800

Your Location

1.5 Hr @ $450
2 Hr @ $600
3 Hr @ $800

Couple’s Sensual Erotic Massage For Her

Enjoy watching your partner receive a full body massage while you watch her delight in the pleasure and appreciation showered upon her. Soak in the sight of her filled with joy from different angles until fully satisfied. She’s the centre of attention in the moment, and you will see her in a delightful new light.

Your masseur can be clothed, partly clothed or fully nude – whichever is preferred to start. Mutual touch is part of the exploration if she so desires, as is the appreciation of her womanly beauty. Watch her touch him… envelope him… take him in ways that will burn lasting hot images in your distant future memory. As your masseur is safe, sane, opened-minded and full of fun adventure, your session can build up intensity to the peak of your partner’s comfort level and yours. We will go as deep and far as you and your partner want to take it.

For her, this is her time to lay back, relax, enjoy and let go of the mounting tension… to delight in the gratifying attention and coming pleasure of fulfilling her desires and urges.

Whether you’re familiar or new at this, the Touch By Thomas experience will open your mind to new possibilities in your safe and respected space.

Unlike the individual female massage experience, the couple’s sensual erotic massage experience allows for interaction between the couple, while she enjoys her masseur throughout the session — and delights in your enjoyment in watching her immersion in a fountain of pleasure.

Your Location

2 Hr @ $800
3 Hr @ $1000

Sexual Healing & Coaching – For Women & Couples

This service focuses on your deepest female desire to learn and heal. You will receive rare and invaluable help with sexual or intimacy challenges.

Activities may range from discussion, to bodywork, skills coaching, and sensual / erotic play. Thomas combines discussion with hands-on experience, in whatever way you agree will best meet your needs. In most cases, he concentrates on technique, awareness, communication, boundaries and limits, and touch and intimacy skills.

Sessions for couples are conducted in a way which the male partner observes, and takes part in a supporting role.

Your Location

2 Hr @ $700
3 Hr @ $900

Consultation In-Person Over Coffee Or By Phone – For Women And Couples

An in-person consultation over coffee at a public downtown location (or by phone) for you to better understand how a session works; to learn about the various aspects of what I do; my body of knowledge; getting to know me; and planning your session.

This does not include massage session time.

Consultation Over Coffee is a great way for you to get a better feel for my energy, me as person, how I look like, how I sound and communicate, and an assurance that your massage session will be safe and sane.

30 minutes @ $150

60 minutes @ $200

Kink Massage For Individual Women

A Sensual Erotic Massage with a twist of kink. Like dirty talk, being spanked, hair pulled, dominated, powerful sensations, and the like? This might be for you then.

Enjoy the sexual magic of professional level BDSM (Bondage & Discipline; Domination / submission; and / or S&M) within a form of dark tantric massage.

This experience delivers you into the most satisfying mind / body states far beyond that of regular sensual erotic massage.

In House or Your Location

1.5 Hr @ $500
2 Hr @ $800
3 Hr @ $1000

Delightful Date For Women With A Gentleman

Enjoy the company a unique gentleman of sophisticated character and stimulating conversation during your choice of date activity, whether that is a stroll through the city, drinks at a fine lounge, partaking in a delicious dinner, or whatever we desire. This is your time to be the centre of attention and appreciation – with the caress and touch you crave on many levels. This is your unconstrained channel to express yourself and receive genuine acknowledgement.

After this buildup of activity, we may choose to decide whatever direction suits the following moments, such as an après of sensual massage in the right mood to release your tension.

This experience ensures you will be wholly satisfied on a wider spectrum of a tantalizing date experience at your convenience.

3 hours @ $900
4 hours @ $1100
5 hours @ $1300


“I would recommend Thomas to any husband who really wants his wife to be very, very happy!” She experienced absolute bliss and countless, body-shuddering mind-blowing orgasms. Thomas’s skill at kink and orgasm play delivered ecstasy and fulfillment she had never before enjoyed. He is compassionate, professional, fit and sexy beyond belief! His knowledge of a woman’s erogenous zones and his ability to stimulate a woman’s urges are unsurpassed.” SH – Toronto, ON