The following are testimonials and session feedback provided by various real clients, shared with their permission. These may give you as sense of the experiences others have had, keeping in mind that your experience will be unique to you.

Note that although some testimonials refer to my studio, I no longer host sessions at my location today.  All session are to be hosted at your location within the City of Toronto.

Hi Thomas – hope your kayak trip is going amazingly well!!

I wanted to send you a few more thoughts about our night with you now that a few days have passed. BTW – you can use any part or all of this if you would like to add it to your testimonials. I’d just ask that you change our names to Tom and Leslie.

So – to start with last Thursday – the remainder of our night was absolutely electric. I was inside Leslie for a very long time. Her response was intense. I could not say if she was still squirting or not but she was definitely soaking. Her orgasm that followed was massive. The sexual energy that you helped ignite has continued through the weekend. We have been at it every night. Last night I face Leslie a long slow sensual massage inspired by many of your techniques. Again – the results were explosive. Leslie’s orgasms have all been full body, enormous and very long.

Our night with you was profound in many ways. The first word – after hot – that comes to mind is affirming. It was affirmation of many things – our love and desire for each other at the top of the list. For Leslie it was affirmation that she really is desirable. I tell her that all the time but to experience it from another person makes it more real somehow. It was affirmation that we are still very very sexually charged – even now that we are in our 50s. Not that I needed it but it was yet again affirmation about just how hot I find Leslie.

I have an image engrained in my mind of her stretched out naked on the bed – face down while u touched her entire body. You have launched me on a quest to learn as much as I can about erotic massage – to see what heights we can reach.

Thank you again so much for your generosity, your time and your efforts. It was truly a magical experience. All our very best

Leslie and Tom

Hi Thomas. Last night was…..well…..simply wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to make me feel comfortable and at ease with everything. I truly feel like a new woman today. You are a truly special person. I look forward to seeing you again.

Janice – Kitchener, ON

Good morning Thomas. Just a follow up to yesterday. First, we both agreed that you were fantastic. Carla needed the evening to physically recover. As she commented this morning “when was the last time I was involved in erotic physical activity for three hours plus? Perhaps when we first got together!” Jim needed to recover from watching my darling wife deliver on a promise to put on an amazing exotic “show” for her husband. Obviously none of this would have been possible without your expert and enthusiastic involvement. You were and will continue to be the perfect answer for Jim’s desire to see his beautiful lady in the perfect “no strings attached” hotwife situation and Carla’s desire to be excited and enjoy delightful pleasures in the hands of a true professional. Thanks Thomas. We hope you will be willing to join us again for another exciting morning and afternoon.

Jim & Carla – Toronto, ON

If you are nervous- don’t be. Thomas is respectful, professional, and truly takes the time to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and tailors the experience to your unique needs and preferences.  10/10 would recommend. 

Kate – Thunder Bay, ON

Hi Thomas,

Just want to thank you again for last night.

You were wonderful. I felt the session was 100% about me and you were there every step of the way to help me reach bliss. You were also very generous with your time, especially at the beginning when we were conversing and you were trying to get a sense of what I wanted to achieve, how I wanted to feel, my boundaries, what’s okay and not okay. You never once looked at the clock or rushed the conversation. When you asked some personal questions about my life I felt it was also done so that you could understand me and my situations and how you could help me get to where I want to be.

You certainly have a great understanding of female sexuality and you so generously shared that knowledge with me, which gave me some ideas for what I can explore in the future 😉

The massage itself… The first part of it felt like a relaxing therapeutic massage, and a really good one at that. You were quite excited when you found those knots on my shoulders and you worked on them so diligently so that they loosened up and made me more relaxed in general.

Moving into the sensual/erotic part of the massage… I felt like I was floating the whole time in my own little bubble. And even though you were there next to me, your presence was not at all intrusive to that “world” that you’ve created for me. I was able to be fully relaxed and not worry about anything.

Your touch was very gentle and respectful (at the end of the session I told you it was “polite” though now I have to retract that, as it doesn’t do a good job as a description). You took great length to make sure I was ready for more, coaxing me to open up to receive more and more pleasure, and in the end I got what I was looking for. It was a wonderful release, and I woke up the next morning in a very positive mood, which continued throughout the rest of the day as well.

Until next time, take care 🙂

Marsha – Oakville, ON

Thank you for our session this past weekend . Thank you for taking the time to calm my nerves and answer all of our questions and ensuring that we were comfortable . You never rushed the process or pushed anything on us , you took the time to check in throughout the process . It was a very emotional experience for me and I am grateful for the release . We felt safe working with you and it was a great experience. Thanks a lot for everything.

Melissa & Adam – Toronto, ON

My wife has a boundless sexual appetite and, while we have a very active and satisfying sex life, her needs for gratification regularly exceed what she gets at home.

So I decided to give her the loving gift of a visit to Thomas.

She experienced absolute bliss and countless, body-shuddering mind-blowing orgasms. Thomas’ skill at kink play, erotic massage and nuru delivered ecstasy and fulfillment she had never before enjoyed. He is kind, polite, professional, fit and sexy beyond belief! His knowledge of a woman’s erogenous zones and his ability to satisfy a woman’s needs and urges are unsurpassed.

I would recommend Thomas to any husband who really wants his wife to be very, very happy!

SH – Toronto, ON

Thanks for today. I enjoyed it very much. Your hands worked magic and you have a hot body so my eyes got a work out too.:)

I hope to see you again when i am in town.

Jamie – Ottawa, ON


I just wanted to email to thank you for such a great new experience. We both truly enjoyed your ministrations and look forward to learning and experiencing more. Hopefully we will see you on our next trip north.
Take care.
David & Trish – Washington, DC

This past week was the Hindu holiday of Guru Purnima.  It is a day traditionally celebrated to honour our gurus, our teachers.  I had a thought on that day to send you an email thanking you for teaching me.  I hesitantly use the work “teaching”.  Usually a guru dispenses knowledge i.e. teaches.  But a true guru doesn’t just teach, but gives direct experience.  This is what I feel you do for me.  You give me direct experience of vulnerability, of openness, of freedom, of surrender.  Direct experience is priceless. In my life, you are one of my important gurus, so I want to deeply thank you now for all that you have done for me and all that you have shown me.  It truly is priceless.

Ellie – Kingston, ON

Thank you again for an absolutely amazing experience! :-))) I will definitely come back!

Katherine – Markham, ON

The interactions leading to a broken marriage can be quite catastrophic at times, sometimes not surfacing until our next relationship. We all know when we have been hurt; especially sexually, be it in our upbringing, us choosing partners who sexually neglect or even objectify us.

After failed attempts at trying to heal myself from brokenness, by winging it; I finally began to peer behind the many crying episodes, sleepless night and increases in glasses of wine to help me sleep. I didn’t know who I was, had told myself many lies along the way to try to synthesize the mess my life now is. I am a broken woman, fearful that I don’t know how to trust myself to choose the right partner or circumstance for intimacy. I knew I needed safety, someone to trust but whom?

After much fence sitting, I decided to take action and determine my own path to being emotionally and sexually well again; that’s when I found Thomas. Thomas is exceptionally eloquent and polite. He’s created a very inviting space, one to suit the most sophisticated of clientele. His clean lean physique bears an all round appeal.

Our journey began with a long conversation, too long, but he gave me the time so as to make me comfortable. I felt no need to use my professional façade and at the risk of being vulnerable I bared it all. My fear, weakness, mistakes, hopes…. we explored who I was at that moment.

This translated into my session with him, and though I was psychoanalyzing the entire experience; his experience and knowledge of the body proved, and affirmed so much to me. There was no guilt or shame, I wasn’t worried about being objectified, feeling resentful or having to shut myself away once again after it was all over. I was being schooled, introduced even, to the woman’s body I had been wearing all these years….. I remember asking at one point ‘are my fingers shaking?’ ‘I’m zinging all over!!!’ I was honored as a woman, my body and sexuality celebrated and respected. I was held in care and safety, even as I cried (which was the most wonderful part). I have never cried for all the reasons one could but still unable to say why. This from my research is an experience shared by numerous women.

I was cared for till the end of my session. It was such an honoring gesture for him to run the shower for me while I ‘came back down’.

I chose me…..I am choosing me. I am happy with and so proud of myself.
I want to know more about me so when I do meet him I’ll be truly represented and respected. Don’t be afraid to take your journey too..

Thanks Thomas. See you soon.

Marlene – Toronto, ON

The entire experience was flawless!!

Upon initial contact, I received a prompt text followed by a call from Thomas where an appointment was set for that evening. After confirming our appointment, Thomas provided his address. A beautiful location where any woman would immediately feel safe by her surrounding.

I arrived a few minutes early to find Thomas fully prepared for our appointment. He is a true gentleman and made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and at ease.

Before beginning our session, we were both very comfortable and had a clear understanding of the sequence of events that would transpire during the course of our session. Thomas is very forth-coming with information and gives you an opportunity to ask questions which puts you at ease.

Thomas is a dose of “true indulgence”. He not only understands the human anatomy, but artfully brings a woman to new heights. His skill and mastery expands your horizons. Thomas is not to be missed!!! There is truly no experience like this available for women:-).

Sarah – Houston, TX

Hi Thomas – just want to thank you for most sensual erotic massage I have ever had!

When I saw you naked, I knew I was in for a great time!! The body sliding, both back & front was very erotic, the best was having my nipples massaged with the electo wand, have never been so turned on, getting wet now thinking about it!

My release was explosive, have not cum like that in years!! Looking forward to the next time.

You are the best I have ever had, and I have had my share. Good luck with the fashion show.

Take care, Fran

Fran – Toronto, ON

I’ve used services before and I am very used to being baited with photos and descriptions of grandeur, only to find that the photos are often lifted from various websites and the promises always fall short.

As a result of this, I have grown leery of ads and always do my due diligence beforehand.

 In my research I had discovered Thomas’ Twitter account and realized that he often services women and from the photos he posted, I could tell that the women had very much enjoyed themselves by leaving puddles of joy.

I knew that I had found what I was looking for and was lucky enough to get a same day booking for an hour and a half.

I arranged to visit him at his home in a safe and quiet neighborhood in Toronto’s east end and was very pleased when he warmly greeted me at the door.

Thomas sat me down and explained what he offers and asked questions about what I was hoping to experience.  After a few minutes of talking, we were ready to start and what followed was one of the best intimate experiences I’ve had.

Thomas knows the body extremely well, he listens to it and notices your reactions to his touch.

He covers your body in a sheet of almond oil as he glides his firm hands over your body, first relaxing you and bringing you into a blissful state.

Thomas is a natural and knows exactly what he is doing, over the next ninety minutes I was brought to ecstasy and as soon as I thought it was over, he continued again and again.

I released in more ways than I had thought I would be able to; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I was shaking, crying tears of joy and unable to speak at the end of our session.

Thomas provided me with one of the most intimate experiences I’ve had, I felt a great connection with him.

I can see why he has the loyal following that he has and I feel lucky knowing that I am able to return.

Christina – Toronto, Ontario

I felt immediately reassured when Thomas answered his front door. His voice and physical appearance were instantly pleasing, and we talked in an unrushed way prior to our first session together.

He blended the kneading of my tense muscles with the random, light and arousing sweeps of his fingers, like a painter working on a broad detailed canvas. I felt his full attention, care and commitment was exclusively on me the entire session as the intensity was building. I was beyond limp and exhausted when the session concluded.

It was an extraordinary erotic experience. Treat yourself and give him a try.

Mary – Toronto, ON

This was a fantastic with my first Senual Massage Erotic Massage with Thomas it was the best erotic massage experience I had. Looking forward to the next session.

Ria – Toronto, ON

Just want to thank you for yesterday’s wonderful sensual/erotic massage.  I appreciated your gracious welcome, and the way you created safe space for our session.  I will definitely come back, and may even dare to push the envelope and ask you to include some of your kink toys in our time together. 

I hope you’re enjoying this sun filled day.  Thanks again.  I look forward to the next experience with you.

RH – Toronto, Ontario

Thomas is great to work with. He keeps you updated as you are on your way to his place for the session. As soon as you enter you are greeted by a very welcoming attitude and begin to talk about what you’d like the session to be like. He takes the time to genuinely learn a bit about you to help you feel at ease.

He offered me a drink and a shower as I had just got in from work. He was professional the entire way through, but the conversation made for a light-hearted environment.

His body is in great shape and he really knows how to give a proper massage. He worked out the kinks in my neck and back, while constantly asking whether the pressure was good. He is attentive in his strokes and really is there to make sure you enjoy every second.

All in all, it was a great time, great setting, and an awesome experience. Even though the price may be a bit high, it is worth every penny as the quality is completely assured. I definitely recommend him.

Jill – Hamilton, Ontario

First, I’ll tell you that Thomas is built just as you see him in his photos. What you don’t see in the photo is his rich, warm voice. Really soothing.

His place is clean – as is he. He’ll talk to you a little bit to see what you want and how much experience you may have had on a massage table. He does offer you water, juice or tea – which is nice. If you are not freshly showered, he makes that available to you – and offers his shower after you’re done so you leave refreshed.

He will use almond oil if you are not allergic to nuts. It has a great feel and he has wonderful hands.

He understands massage and found a knot in my back pretty quickly and really loosened it.

If you book a mutual touch, you’ll be pleased with the texture of his skin. Smooth and firm. The pictures don’t show his ass, which I told him was a mistake. It is worth seeing, trust me!

He says you will visit ecstasy when you spend time with him.

I think perhaps my reaction at the conclusion of the massage might have scared him a bit – let’s say, that I exploded. He was generous in touching until my heart rate slowed and the trembling lessened. When i got dressed, I was still trembling! lol He asked if he had delivered on his promise – I grinned and said “I think so!”

Overall, this was a very good experience. Easy to relax on the table and easy being with Thomas.

T – Toronto, Ontario

Thomas is exactly as he presents himself in his ad. Extremely welcoming and professional.

He created a massage experience for me that was deeply personal and satisfying.

He is confident and intuitive. I felt he was responding to my body, not just following a set plan. Very generous spirit.

JM – Toronto, Ontario

It was a fantastic experience. Everything as described and more. Well worth it.

GN – Toronto, Ontario

Thomas, What can I say…you are all that and even more.

That was a fantastic massage and all around experience. Your patience and flexibility were much appreciated. Thanks again and I look forward to the next time.

KB – Toronto, Ontario

Thomas is a muscular friendly and kind masseur with no attitude. He is non-judgemental and has creative suggestions for integrating massage techniques.

When I entered his well appointed studio we talked for a few minutes about what I wanted from the massage experience. Then he took his shirt off and I saw his toned pecs. I have seen Thomas twice and on the second visit he agreed to undress me. He used his whole body at one point in the work and is kind.

I look forward to another session.

JY – Calgary, AB

Thomas greeted me with a firm handshake and I entered his aesthetically relaxing studio.

During the massage he took me on a healing journey blending therapeutic, sensual and erotic moves that left me in a state of electric vibrancy followed by deep serenity.

Thomas brought a deep attentiveness to the whole session. My body was in the hands of an elite practitioner who safely paced the experience with ease and grace. I emerged from the session reconnected to the core of my body/self.

I’ll definitely be back.

RJ – Vancouver BC


Walking away from our experience last night, I was ignited and on a complete high. My mind was racing and electrified by all the firsts, new experiences, sensations and feelings I had experienced from “hello” to goodbye”. My inner Goddess smiling wickedly and softly licking her soft pale , pink lips and whilst purring as I drove home.

Once home , gently removing my clothes and slipping into my bed and taking account of how my senses were still very much on overdrive. The feeling of my sheets against my soft skin, my nipples still standing at attention and sending shockwaves to the apex of my thighs as the sheets grazed them, and the apex of my thighs convulsing and throbbing in the very best way. I took time to feel my body, the muscles in my legs and arms, my abs. The feeling of the warmth of my blood still radiating at the surface of my skin. My “oasis” still wet and warm, pulsating after being thoroughly enjoyed and played with.

There were so many moments last night that I relished and revelled in. Moments where I challenged myself, where I found myself letting go, where I found myself wanting to be defiant so that you may “correct my behaviour”, where I allowed myself to embrace my femininity , my sexuality and sensuality, wanting badly to please you and tease you . Trembling with excitement and need when touching your body for the first time ….feeling your smooth delicious skin under my fingertips …feeling your warmth ,tracing the outlines of each muscle…..undressing you….being before you , slowly undressing as I was told to….feeling beautiful and wanted , celebrated and taught.

I loved the way you explained and controlled every moment ….how you allowed me to please you and you responded honestly and openly. Allowing me to feel you completely …taking my breath away as you did…allowing me to devour you…..I have relived every moment over and over all day.

After not being touched for over an entire year in anyway, virgin like in every way, starving to devour and delight in pleasing someone else, deriving my pleasure in pleasing that person , feeding my most primal and raw instincts kept dormant for so long. I have missed feeling connected to myself and to someone else. Last night, I started to embrace the most beautiful and delicious parts of me . The very parts that make me the woman that I am. Last night, I felt alive , I felt powerful and powerless at the same time , I felt liberated. My introduction into your world, your guidance into myself , has left me wanting and needing so much more.

Today, every time I move or change clothes , having showered…my body reminds me of last night and that has me all smiles …..smiles and salivating for more.

I hope this finds you well and I so look forward to continuing my journey with you very soon….

Rachel – Toronto, Ontario


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